Review: Doritos Ketchup

doritos ketchup bag

Great classic retro bag design

When I was living in NYC one thing I always missed was ketchup chips. I was nervous when I notice this limited time edition of a classic Doritos with ketchup flavor. How are they going combine!?

In typical Doritos form, they did a great job with these! They have a good tasty ketchup taste unlike anything else out there. I tried to compare the ketchup flavor to a Lay’s or a Old Dutch but neither taste similar to this one!

At first I found the flavor a little overpowering, which any good ketchup flavor is going to do to you, but once your taste buds are settling in, they hit mark exactly where I wanted them to! I quickly found myself eating this whole entire bag in a single sitting and craving more! Great job Doritos! This has now become my go to chip to buy and have had several bags. Highly recommended.

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Wrap Up

Doritos Ketchup

Doritos Ketchup




    • - Lots of Flavor
    • - Great Ketchup Taste


    • - Limited Time Only :(

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