Review: Arby’s Brown Sugar Bacon Club

Arbys Brown Sugar Bacon Club Bun

The ever popular artisan roll

Way to go Arby’s! The Brown Sugar Bacon Club from Arby’s is one of the best new sandwiches of 2015 for me thus far! The ingredients for the sandwich are a little different than your standard club. It has lettuce, tomato, brown sugar bacon, swiss cheese, turkey and ham finished with a tangy hot dijon mayo on a soft artisan bun.

Arbys Brown Sugar Club

Look at the delicious Brown Sugar Bacon

After the first bite I was hooked! The crispy bacon had a brown sugar taste to it for sure which  was very distinctive, and also very tasty! It was a great contrast with the hot mustard and salty meats. As I made my way through the sandwich, I found it was definitely heavier than I first imagined. So be prepared, if you are looking for a light meal, this is not it.

Arbys Brown Sugar Club Side

Mmmmmmm meaty!

Overall very tasty sandwich and I have gotten 2x during it promotion!  Its rare you get a sandwich that really seems unique and has a new taste, but this really was it.  If it’s at your local Arby’s, you really owe it to yourself to try one.

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Wrap Up

Arby's Brown Sugar Bacon Club

Arby's Brown Sugar Bacon Club




    • - Unique
    • - Good contrast of flavors
    • - Brown Sugar Bacon


    • - Lil' Heavy
    • - Lil' Salty

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