Review: Cheetos Mix-Ups Cheezy Salsa Mix

cheetos mix-ups salsa bag


I was happy to see a new type of mix-ups on the shelf at the store.  In the USA they have had a few varieties for while now, but up in Canada we were being neglected, only having the original mix-ups since their introduction.

cheetos mix-ups salsa back

Four varieties

They come in four flavours, as you can see from the photos on the back of the bag.  They are cheddar, jalapeño crunchits, cheddar puffs, chipotle cheddar grid and lastly salsa picante mini puffs.

cheetos mix-ups salsa closeup

Look at all the orange crunchy goodness.

This is a tasty bag of cheetos.  All four of the cheesies are tasty.  The little red guys have mind spice to them.  The standard cheddar puffs take on a mild kick with the additional flavour that is rubbed onto them by their bag-mates. The chipotle cheddar grids are tasty, but occasionally didn’t have enough flavour powder for me.  None of them are very spicy.  If you are familiar with the cheddar jalapeño crunchy cheetos, then know what to expect as far as heat goes.  The have a pleasant artificial jalapeño taste that I like.

I find that all mixup bags suffer form a distribution problem.  The bottom of the bag is always filled by mini puffs and a few crunchits.  The larger and lighter puffs and grids always have a higher concentration near the top of the bag.  Tough times, I know.

Anyways, I would recommend these to all cheesies fans like myself.  Pick up a bag and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Wrap Up

Cheetos Mix-Ups Cheezy Salsa Mix

Cheetos Mix-Ups Cheezy Salsa Mix




    • - Variety in a single bag
    • - Tasty


    • - Orange fingers
    • - Poor distribution

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