Review: McDonald’s Western BBQ Burger

Western BBQ Burger

Not Ronald’s finest assembly job.

This was my final stop on this year cross country food tour McDonald’s took us on.  This is the Alberta entry for the Flavour Passport promotion. I know the McLobster is coming out next week but I am not a seafood fan!  Jon will probably do a review of the McLobster though, so keep an eye out for it.

western bbq burger open

Mmmmm double onions.

This on the other hand is quite a treat! The Western BBQ Burger is made with a classic quarter pounder patty, both crispy and grilled onions, white cheddar and bbq sauce, all on a fancy sesame and poppy seed bun.

half eaten western bbq burger

Must keep eating. Can only stop briefly for pic.

Typically I am not a huge “BBQ” burger fan when it comes to fast food because none of them really stand out.  They typically don’t have much veggies and or condiments on them. This on the other hand,  was excellent. It almost sold me with just them using the QPC patty because of how delicious it is. The mix of onions together with the white cheddar and the smokey sauce really went well. I would certainly recommend this burger to anyone who is a fan of BBQ burgers.

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Wrap Up

McDonald's Western BBQ Burger





    • - Tasty
    • - Double Onion
    • - BBQ done right


    • - Sloppy assembly
    • - not much else

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