Review: A&W Sriracha Teen Burger

A&W Sriracha Teen Burger

Not looking too unique at first glance

A&W’s new Sriracha Teen burger took me by surprise because I hadn’t seen any ad for it on TV, they are always too busy pushing homegrown and no steroids that sometimes they forget to tell us about their latest products.

A&W Sriracha Teen Burger Open

The Sriracha Aoili makes an appearance

This burger is pretty different from the original Teen Burger, you still get your bacon and cheese but beyond that it has lettuce and tomato on top with some ‘sriracha aioli as A&W calls it, then on the bottom bunĀ there is more aioli andĀ roasted red peppers.

A&W Sriracha Teen Burger Under Bun

Roasted red peppers -fancy!

Even not being a huge spice man, I must say I really enjoyed this burger. There was some heat to let you know it was there but nothing that was going to make you cry home to momma. The hottest were the peppers on the bottom, but even still they were enjoyable and not overly hot!

This is a fine burger like all of A&W’s are.

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Wrap Up

A&W Sriracha Teen Burger

A&W Sriracha Teen Burger




    • - Not too hot
    • - Unique toppings for an FF LTO
    • - Roasted Red Pepper


    • - Not Sriracha-y enough for some

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