Review: BK Oreo Shake

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BK introduced the Oreo Shake this summer and I have had my eye on it for a while.  I’m an oreo fan so knew I had to try one before they were gone.  Today after doing some running around I had a chance to hit the BK drive-thru and got some of their great menu and a medium Oreo shake.

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It was a little fancy with its whipped cream (like) product and oreo crumble.  I am not a huge fan of fake whipped cream, but I’m sure some people enjoy it.  Aside from that one hiccup, I thought this was delicious.  There was lots of oreo flavour and pieces in a variety of sizes from oreo dust, to pieces that were a challenge to pull through the straw.  It was a solid oreo shake and I really enjoyed it.  If you like oreo stuff, get out and try one before they are gone.


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Wrap Up

BK Oreo Shake





    • - Lots of Oreo
    • - Delicious


    • - Fake Whipped Cream

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