Review: Montreal Smoked Meat Chips – Lay’s Do Us a Flavour

Now for the final review in the 2015 Lay’s Do Us a Flavour line up. It’s been an interesting year so far for flavours.  How is the Montreal Smoked Meat Chip in all this?  Read on to find out.

montreal smoked meat bag

montreal smoked meat bag

Lay’s wrote this about them:

Flavour Inspiration:

Montreal Smoked Meat sandwiches are emblematic of their namesake city’s cuisine. Zdravko Gunjevic was inspired to create the flavour because it’s such a delicious dish that not only can be ordered in delis throughout Quebec, but throughout Canada and around the world too!

Inspired by Quebec
Created by Zdravko Gunjevic

Jon – This is an uncommon chip flavour, but I had some Old Dutch recently that were a similar flavour.  These had a salty meaty flavour with a hint of brine taste.  I found them okay, but they slightly reminded me of hotdogs.  Mostly salty meatly flavour to too me.  Not enough brine / mustard. I liked the Old Dutch Smoked Meat & Mustard Hoagie much better. 5/10

Mark – Now these, I enjoyed them. They are very similar to the title, they reminded me of the Double Dutch Smoked Meat & Mustard Hoagie. Comparable to them but more mild tasting. You really get a light mustard taste and more of the smoked meat taste. Overall pretty mild, not too much to them, I was just an ok fan of them. 5.5/10

Helena – This was the last bag we picked up. I expected it to have some mustard taste, and it did. It was the first thing I tasted. The smoke meat flavour came in later in the bite but after having few they started tasting like hot dogs. This is not a bad thing as I kept going for more. The after taste wasn’t the greatest, though. 6.5/10

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