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The second Lay’s Do Us A Flavour we are reviewing is the P.E.I. Scallop Potatoes.  I am a potatoe scallop fan myself, goes great with a nice ham dinner.  Mmmm-mmmm.  Anyways, Lay’s had this to say about em’:

Flavour Inspiration

Inspired by Atlantic Canada’s reputation for potato cultivation, one of Jordan Cairns’ fondest memories of growing up was when he sat down to big family dinners on Friday nights and holidays. His favourite side dish at these meals was always the freshly baked, rich and cheesy scalloped potatoes.

Inspired by Atlantic Canada
Created by Jordan Cairns

pei scallop potatoes bag
pei scallop potatoes back bag
pei scallop potatoes closeup

Jon – Tasty chips. They taste familiar. We describe them as cheesy sour cream and onion.  They certainly do remind me of the cheddar and onion I have had in the past, with the addition of a creaminess.While they do taste like the ingredients in potato scallop, being cream, potatoes onions and sometimes cheese, they don’t really taste like actual potato scallop. So, tasty chip but it struggles to replicate the flavor of its name sake. 8/10

Mark – Out of the 4 bags that I had this was my least favorite. They will remind you of the old cheddar and onion flavour. You almost want them to be a sour cream, onion and cheddar but you are missing out on the sour cream. Another quite mild tasting flavour and just alright for my taste buds but I need to remind everyone that cheddar chips really are not up my ally and tend not to buy them. 5/10

Helena – I just had a couple handful of these but I wish I had more. We had them at Jon’s parents place. We all agreed that we felt we had had chips that tasted like them before.  They were a mix of sour cream and onions, and cheddar chips, maybe? Although it wasn’t anything new, it was classic tasting and really good. I would even say they were my favourite. 8/10

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Wrap Up

P.E.I. Scallop Potatoes









        • - Tasty cheese chip
        • - Unoffensive


        • - Not really a new flavour

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