Review: Tim Hortons Spizy Chorizo Grilled Breakfast Wrap

Tims has a bunch of new Grilled wraps.  The three breakfast options are sausage, bacon and spicy chorizo.  And the two lunch and dinner options are chipotle steak and chicken.

When I rolled through the drive-thru the Chorizo wrap was “Featured” so I had to try it.  It was $3.99 for just the wrap.  The bacon and sausage were $3.79.  From that price I gather these were a full size wrap, not something small like the old value wraps.

tims chorizo box
tims chorizo wrap

This wrap looked good.  Nice grill marks all along it, but not dried out at all.  It had red and green peppers, diced chorizo, spicy mayo, and a fluffed / scrambled egg.  It’s not the biggest wrap, but it’s certainly bigger than a regular breakfast sandwich

tims chorizo cut

Pretty Generous with the Chorizo

I enjoyed this wrap.  It wasn’t the most breakfast-y item with the chorizo.  I generally don’t get chorizo stuff, but this was actually really good.  It was nice and moist and had a nice little chew with the meat and peppers.  The spicy mayo also kept things good and not dry.  Might be too spicy for some if you are eating an early breakfast.  I had mine at 11:00 AM on a Saturday, so it was great!

I thought this was a worthwhile new item it Tim’s that offered decent value and a tasty experience.  I’m excited to try more of Tim’s new grilled wraps.  If you like chorizo or salty meat in general, I’d recommend you go try one before they are gone!

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Tim Hortons Spicy Chorizo Grilled Breakfast Wrap





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