Review: Chips Ahoy! Middles – Oreo Creme Filled

Saw these at the grocery store and I knew I had to try them! Like it says on the package, these are a Chips Ahoy cookie, with Oreo filled in the middle. Now these are Chewy Chips Ahoy if you can tell from the package.

Chips Ahoy Middles!
Chips Ahoy Middles!

I am certainly a fan of both Oreo and Chips Ahoy! So you know you already got a winner in my books. But when I bit into my first one, the chewiness of chocolate chip cookie and oreo filling was a mixture I wasn’t overly thrilled about.

Of course I finished the package but honestly, they would not be on my must buy again list. I feel that they can keep these products separate and I am totally ok with that! Will give them 7/10 for the attempt!


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Wrap Up

Chips Ahoy Middles Oreo Filled





    • - Light
    • - Creme Filled
    • - Chewy


    • - Wrong Mix
    • - Not Enough

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