Review: Doritos Collisions – Habanero and Guacamole

Doritos Collisions have always been tricky because you have to like 2 flavors in one bag.   So we decided to get two reporters on the job. 

doritos collisions
doritos collisions spill
doritos collisions down


This is a decent bag.  I found the habanero to be a little spicy but not crazy spicy.  Not as spicy as a habanero pepper for sure.  The guacamole are a good chip, I can taste a smooth avocado flavor along with some onions and garlic.  I kind of wish they would release a guacamole only bag.  Together, or colliding if you will, the guacamole and habanero chip are tasty, but the light guac taste is pretty much overpowered by the habanero.  Overall a 7/10


I’m always happy to try a new Dorito flavour because there hasn’t been a Dorito chip I don’t like. I first tasted the habanero. It had a great flavour but a little above my comfort zone on spiciness. (As I type this, Jon tells me they are not very spicy haha). I really liked the guacamole chips. They remind me a lot of the “Guacachip” which I find del del.

So since I love one chip and only half like the other, I’m giving the chips a 7.5.

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Wrap Up

Doritos Collisions - Habanero / Guacamole







      • - 2 Flavors 1 Bag
      • - Guacamole


      • - Habanero Overpowered Guac
      • - Meh Another Spicy Dorito

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