Review: Skittles Orchards

This is a mix of 5 different flavors all coming from Orchard fruits: Cherry, Orange, Peach, Red Apple, and Lime. Now typically I’m not really a guy who will buy a bag of skittles. SkittlesĀ are alright but not my snack of choice, not even my candy choice.

When you try each of these individual you don’t really find anything shocking with any of the flavors, all are pretty mild, not really tart or sharp but just sweet. Now once you put a few in your mouth and a mix of the flavors you do notice some more then others, the cherry stood out of course.

Overall though they are tasty and sweet and honestly I preferred them over the normal bag of skittles, so if you like skittles you should enjoy these as well!




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Wrap Up

Skittles Orchards





    • - Sweet
    • - Tasty


    • - All flavors tastes similar

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