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Wendys PP Poutines

For Wendy’s new Pulled Pork promotion, they have brought 3 new sauces to add a level of customization.  You order a pulled pork poutine and you have a choice of Sweet, Smokey or Spicy sauce.  Because we here at the Junkfood report need to get to the bottom of things, we assembled a team of reporters and went and tried all 3 at once.

There was a general consensus at the table that this was a tasty poutine.  They have the classic poutine elements: fries, cheese curds and gravy, with pulled pork, your choice of BBQ sauce and diced red onions on top.  Everyone enjoyed the pulled pork and the additional onions.  The onions added a  nice bit of texture and flavour without being overwhelming like raw onions can be.

wendys smokey poutine

Smokey BBQ Sauce:

I enjoyed the Smoky BBQ sauce Poutine as a whole.  When I sampled the sauce on its own, it reminded me of a dark smokey BBQ sauce almost like Bullseye.  It certainly all worked well together and resulted in a tasty poutine.  But if you were looking for some unique BBQ sauce experience, you better stick to your real BBQ joints, because this just seems like another (good) off the shelf sauce. 8.5/10


Wendys Sweet Poutine

Sweet BBQ Sauce:

I had the sweet BBQ sauce and really enjoyed it. It blended well with the rest of the regular poutine ingredients.  They had the right amount of BBQ sauce and onions for me too. The pulled pork wasn’t the greatest. It was tasty as a whole though and I would order it again. 8/10


Wendys Spicy Poutine

Hot BBQ Sauce:

I’m not a huge fan of BBQ sauce so I decided to go for the spicy. It tasted like your typical spicy BBQ sauce, a little sweet with a kick. It definitely added to the poutine as a whole and I’m glad I chose the spicy. For someone who doesn’t usually get BBQ sauce on anything, on the pulled pork poutine, it was a definite must and I enjoyed it!



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Wrap Up

Wendy's Pulled Pork Poutine

Wendy's Pulled Pork Poutine








        • - Choice!
        • - Delicious Onions
        • - Good Pulled Pork for Fastfood


        • - Standard Sauce Flavors

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