Double Review: Tim Horton’s Sausage or Bacon Grilled Breakfast Wrap

I’ve now had all three of Tim’s Grilled Breakfast Wraps. They all are made similarly. They have the choice of meat (Chorizo Sausage, Breakfast Sausage or Bacon), eggs, cheese, grilled onion and pepper mix and spicy mayo all wrapped up and grilled in a white tortilla.

Bacon Grilled Breakfast Wrap

As usual for me, I had this wrap during late morning. I got to watch them make it today, so I noticed that the egg is actually the round egg patty from the sandwiches cut in half and placed end to end.

Tims Bacon Wrap 2
Tims Bacon Wrap

Given that the bacon is pretty slim, it was the smallest of the three Grilled breakfast wraps that I have had.  It was also the best!  The bacon, though thin, has a nice smokey flavor that plays nice with the sauce and veggies.  The egg is typical Timmies and helps add substance.  They were light on the spicy mayo, which was perfect for the breakfast wrap.  As you can tell from my other review, I find that spicy mayo can really over do it in the morning, but this was just enough for a hint of flavor, but didn’t overpower the wrap.  Overall it was very tasty, if a little on the small side.  I was happy with my $3.79 spent and would recommend it.  Hopefully you get it made as expertly as mine, with just the right amount of sauce.  Best yet, 8/10.

Breakfast Sausage Grilled Breakfast Wrap

Sausage is generally my favorite of the breakfast meats, so this was the first one I tried after the unique chorizo wrap.

This wrap was the mid-size of the grilled breakfast wraps, the chorizo was a hint larger I think, but none of these wraps are huge.  The Tim Horton’s breakfast sausage used is the same one they have on their breakfast sandwiches. It is a savory herb flavored sausage.  I don’t find it nearly as good as a salty ol’ McDonald’s sausage, but it certainly gets the job done.

Tims Sausage Wrap
Tims Sausage Wrap Half

The wrap itself was decent overall.  As usual, I really enjoyed the addition of the grilled veggies.  They are a nice and rare addition in the fast food breakfast world.  Sadly, this wrap had too much spicy mayo, which I find really detracts from the breakfast-ness of the wrap.  I find they really need to show discretion with the spicy mayo for the breakfast wraps. For the chicken and steak grilled wraps, whatever, but its goddam breakfast time and I don’t need something slathered in spicy mayo!

Anyways, okay sausage, too much sauce – 5/10.

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Wrap Up

Tim Horton's Sausage and Bacon Grilled Breakfast Wraps

Tim Horton's Sausage and Bacon Grilled Breakfast Wraps






      • - Choice of Meats
      • - Grilled Veggies
      • - Grilled Wrap


      • - Regularly too much Mayo
      • - On the small side

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