Review: Burger King Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich


Another Holiday staff party means another late night trip through the Burger King drive thru. On the weekend I was able to try the new Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich. Burger King currently is having a sale for 2 Original Chicken sandwiches for 6.00 (in Atlantic Canada… $5.00 in the rest of Canada) which is a perfect midnight snack.


The new Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich is the same as the Original Chicken Sandwich (lettuce, mayo, chicken) but instead of mayo it comes with spicy tangy sauce.

As you can see from the photo’s it got a little squished on the way home from Burger King. Still this was tasty sandwich but I found there was little sweetness in the sauce but a really spicy after burn. I found it a little too spicy for me but anyone who enjoys spicy food will really like this.

I will get this 7/10 though it was good I would still prefer the Original over the Spicy!

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Wrap Up

Burger King Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich

Burger King Spicy Original Chicken Sandwich




    • - Spicy
    • - Soft Tasty Bun


    • - No Tomato

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