Review: McDonald’s Jolly Burger

McDonald’s released two new festive sandwiches: The Jolly Burger and the Chicken Celebration <—- Check out the review.  Always great to see McDonald’s releasing two holiday themed sandwiches at once.  I think last year all we got was some nugget share box.


The Jolly burger is a quarter pound burger. It has creamy peppercorn sauce, 2 slices of melted processed white cheddar cheese, a heaping amount of grilled onions and leaf lettuce.

As you can see from these inside pictures of the burger there was a great amount of sauce and toppings.  Getting the right amount of sauce can really make or break a burger, so it was nice to get one with a good amount.


The bun was a toasted cross-split topped with wheat flakes.  All ingredients went really well together, the sauce and white cheddar were awesome! I was a little worried that this burger wouldn’t have enough ingredients to be great, being just caramelized onions, white cheese, and peppercorn sauce, but they really pulled something off here (lettuce doesn’t really count for much).  It had a really unique taste compared to the other burgers at McDonald’s and I would order it again.

I give this a solid 8.5/10

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Wrap Up

McDonald's Jolly Burger

McDonald's Jolly Burger




    • - Complimentary Ingredients
    • - Unique
    • - Cheesy


    • - Missing Tomato