News: McDonald’s new Greek and Italian McTasters, fancying up the value menu

Driving by McDonald’s yesterday I saw the sign for the new McTasters.  I am always hungry for a new burger.  They are both mini premium sandwiches, one chicken, one beef, on a ciabatta style bun, each inspired by a different country.  There is an Italian chicken and Greek beef option.


McDonald’s describes the Italian McTasters as:

Enjoy a Junior Chicken patty topped with parmesan cheese flakes, crisp leaf lettuce, tomato slice, and bold & creamy Parmesan and Italian herb sauce, all served on a herb-topped artisan bun.

And the Greek McTasters as:

Perfectly sized for a snack or side to your meal, the Greek McTasters™ features a new world of flavours. Enjoy a juicy 100% Canadian beef patty, topped with bold & tangy Mediterranean Olive sauce, crisp red onion, leaf lettuce and tomato slice, all served on a herb-topped artisan bun.

Sounds like a must try!  Check back soon for reviews.

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