Review: McDonald’s Greek McTasters Sandwich

McDonald’s is trying to hit a very special area on the menu, the premium value segment.  The Greek McTasters is based on the standard hamburger beef patty, but it has a fancy bun, fancy cheese and sauce, and is even graced with a slice of tomato.  McDonald’s is pulling out all the stops with these ones.


The McDonald’s Greek McTasters has a “Mediterranean Olive” sauce, red onion, leaf lettuce and a tomato slice, served on a herb-topped artisan bun.  I couldn’t have identified the sauce as olive sauce, but I found overall it to be really tasty and full of Greek flavor.  The sauce had lots of feta cheese in it and was salty and herbed.  The bun had a nice chew like a ciabatta bun and the beef flavour came through which is surprising given that it is the small beef patty.  I really enjoyed this sandwich.


At $2.99 this sandwich was small, but it was packed with impressive flavour and good taste.  I think its a great option if you are looking for snack and don’t need the most filling for you dollar.  Overall I would give this sandwich an 8.5.  I would be happy to have another one again soon.  I hope McDonald’s keeps working the McTasters.

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Wrap Up

McDonald's Greek McTasters

McDonald's Greek McTasters




    • - Feta
    • - Lots of Flavour
    • - Tomato!


    • - A Little Small
    • - $2.99