Review: Lay’s Bacon Mac & Cheese

So I saw these at the local gas station and was surprised to see these and some Wasabi Ginger Lay’s Kettle Cooked.  I didn’t know their was a new Lay’s Do Us A Flavour promotion going on, but I am always happy to see new chips flavours on the shelf.  After checking around online, these seem like they are from the last promotion in the USA.  No idea what the heck these are doing on this side of the border, but I’m not arguing.

BMC Chips

They have some classic smokey bacon flavour in there with some of the usual mild chip cheese taste.   The chip itself is the classic Lay’s super thin cut, light, crispy chip; honestly, delicious as always.  I found the first few I ate of them, I could get the separate bacon and cheese flavour, but as I powered through half a bag, it really kind of muted the cheese flavour.  I haven’t really found a potato chip that really delivers the intense cheese flavour that I love.  I’m a Hawkins, Cheetos and Zesty Doritos type.  The bacon side of things is a solid bacon chip taste.  As usual, life’s better with bacon.  And finally, I always struggle trying to get the noodle taste in these chips.  Last years Jalapeno Mac and Cheese had a hint more creaminess and maybe something you could call noodle flavour.  But I dunno, it’s fleeting at best.

BMC Chips Top
BMC Chips Close

Overall, I think these are a tasty ship, but they still don’t unseat the classic smokey bacon Lay’s for me.  Mac and Cheese chips just always lack the punch I am looking for.  Good effort Lay’s, a solid 7.0/10.


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Wrap Up

Lay's Bacon Mac & Cheese

Lay's Bacon Mac & Cheese




    • - Bacon
    • - So Light and Crispy


    • - Mac & Cheese Meh

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