Review: Tim Hortons Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Hortons has really been pushing new products across all their product lines.  They have had a selection of new muffins and donuts, new variations on their crispy chicken sandwich, a brand new pulled pork sandwich, and most recently, the Croissant Sausage Breakfast sandwich.  You have your choice of sausage or bacon.  Its comprised of a fancy round croissant lightly heated, standard Timmies ‘egg’ patty, a slice of processed cheese and in my case a sausage.


The croissant is light, fluffy and rich.  They have baked them into a circle so it holds the sandwich together well.  The sausage is the usual for Tim Hortons, which means its more savory and seasoned in comparison to the standard salty sausage at McDonald’s or BK.  My cheese melted nicely between the bottom croissant and egg and provided cheese in every bite.   Overall, I thought this sandwich was really good.  I was worried the sandwich would end up too greasy or rich, but because the egg and sausage are not very greasy at Tim’s, the sandwich as a whole had nice balance.  If I had to give one complaint, it would be that the croissant can be a little messy to eat, because there is lots of little flaky pieces falling off as you eat it, so its not as “eating in the car” friendly as say an english muffin breakfast sandwich.

Overall a strong 8.5/10.  It isn’t very unique as BK has been serving something like this forever, but overall it was well executed by Tim Hortons and I enjoyed mine.



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Wrap Up

Tim Hortons Croissant Breakfast Sandwich





    • - Tasty
    • - Balanced
    • - Pretty fancy for ol' Timmies


    • - Lots of Crumbs

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    • Donna said:
      November 12, 2020 at 4:08 pm

      Don’t allow or put up with the “FLATTEN” Croissant, some staff like to squish it before putting through the bun warmer. Then no fluffy / flakey croissant – just a greasy bread

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