Review: Tim Horton’s Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Tim Horton’s has brought us a classic new item with the Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap. They certainly aren’t breaking any new ground here, but sometimes why fix it if it ain’t broken.  Tim’s describes it as:

Lunch or dinner, we’ve got delicious wrapped up! Try the NEW Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps with crispy or grilled seasoned chicken, savoury bacon, fresh tomato and lettuce, and ranch sauce. Both delicious combinations are grilled to perfection.

I decided to try the crispy version because, well, crispy is usually more delicious.  Mine had yellow cheese on it. The chicken is the crispy chicken patty Tim’s released a couple years ago, cut in half.


Overall I found this to be a fairly delicious wrap. There was a lot of chicken, especially in the middle where the pieces overlapped.  It had a decent little crunch or crispiness.  Not bad for T-Ho’s just re-baking these things at the store in the high speed oven.  The lettuce and tomato was good quality and quantity.  The slice of cheese added a little extra flavour.  It was a little light on the ranch for me but my better half said it was just right.  I think it was their three cheese and pepper ranch which is really tasty. The bacon was maybe the biggest let down in there.  Just thin and lackluster.

A solid 7.5/10.  It was a good, filling wrap, but it wasn’t the crispiest and the bacon fell flat.

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Wrap Up

Tim Horton's Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Tim Horton's Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap




    • - Filling
    • - Classic Combination
    • - Travel Friendly


    • - Thin Stringy Bacon
    • - Crispy could be Crispier

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