Review: Tim Horton’s Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Horton’s new Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich is a nice addition to the regular breakfast menu.  It’s a basic breakfast sandwich with cheese, bacon and eggs (“eggs”) on an english muffin with some added hollandaise sauce.

Here is Tim Horton’s talk about it:

Brunch isn’t just for Sundays anymore. Enjoy it any day of the week with the NEW Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich. Savour the taste of a fluffy egg omelette, savoury bacon, cheesy goodness, and creamy hollandaise sauce all on a toasted English Muffin.


This was actually a really tasty new breakfast sandwich from Tim’s.  I have to say, its great to see something new and actually decent in the breakfast sandwich area.  I have had a couple of these, so that says something.  I will say, the bacon on the first one I had was some of the best Tim’s bacon I’ve had.  Keep in mind that isn’t saying all that much, but it was pretty generous for Tim Horton’s bacon and surprisingly crispy.  The sauce, which is supposedly just hollandaise feels pretty close to a mayo, but its got a nice mild flavour and it was tasty in the sandwich.  On the day I took my pictures, I found I had a nice amount of sauce, but on my next visit, it was a hint stingy.  The egg omelette is it usual mediocrity.  I like the onion flavour, but I prefer a real egg.  The english muffin was fresh and delicious.

Overall a really tasty breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s.  They don’t combine the freshest ingredients, but they came together deliciously.  A solid 8/10.

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Wrap Up

Tim Horton's Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Horton's Eggs Benedict Breakfast Sandwich




    • - Hollandaise!
    • - Something new in Breakfast. Rare


    • - Sauce quantity consistency
    • - Tim's Bacon Hit & Miss

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