Review: Lay’s Chalet Sauce Chips

Lay’s Chalet Sauce chips are Lay’s newest flavour.  They were initially only available at Swiss Chalet restaurants, but now are available in most stores across Canada. This is Lay’s way of taking the classic Chalet Sauce and putting it on their chips.


If you would like to find out more details check them out here: Lay’s Chalet Sauce chips

Overall I enjoyed these chips, but it took me a few sittings to eat the bag. I had two bags, and one had very little flavour and I was eating more to try to get that good chip.  But the next bag I had had lots of flavour, and oddly enough, they weren’t as good.  They got tiring fast.  But they are really close in taste to actual Chalet Sauce.  Lay’s and Swiss Chalet did a good job getting it right.  But unlike most of my classic favorites like bbq and ketchup, more flavour didn’t mean better.  For all the Swiss Chalet fans out there they are certainly worth a try!



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Review - Lay’s® Chalet Sauce chips

Review - Lay’s® Chalet Sauce chips




    • - Classic Chalet Sauce Taste
    • - Lay's Thin Chip


    • - Tired of Them Quickly

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