Review: McDonald’s Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger

Mark sent me a picture of the sign for this burger a couple days ago, and I had to try one. This new Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger is the most interesting new burger I have seen from McDonald’s in a long time.  Not just another BBQ cheeseburger.


This burger has a potato rosti, classic cheese slice, bacon pieces, white onions, and a creamy cheese sauce all on a toasted bun with rolled oats.  The potato rosti is like a breakfast hash brown from McDonalds but a little bigger.


I really wanted to like this but sadly found this burger decent but not great.  The bun itself was slightly dense and chewy and the sauce didn’t even approach the edges.


The taste in the middle was good.  The onions were a little strong, but the bacon, cheese, sauce and potato was tasty together. The potato added a nice crunch.   But with the bun and the dry perimeter bites, I can only give this a 6.5 / 10.

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Wrap Up

McDonald's Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger

McDonald's Potato Rosti & Bacon Burger




    • - Potato Rosti!
    • - Tasty Center


    • - Dry topping-less edges
    • - Mediocre Bun

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