Review: Burger King Impossible Whopper

Four years since we last posted….. But recently Mark logged back in and saw some great comments and it got us excited to have another crack at things. If you want to see one of our favorite comments, go check out our Cheeseburger Ruffles review. We like to enjoy a little R&R ourselves sometimes.

Anyways, onto the main event. I was excited to try the Impossible Whopper, as I had read about its release in the USA. I tried the A&W Beyond Burger when it was first released, and it was okay, but not great. So, will today be fake burger redemption? Read on fine reader and find out.

Impossible Whopper in wrapper

It has a fancy unique wrapper, all tan and green, trying to tell you how green and eco friendly the product is. What does the number 28 signify? I have no idea, but hopefully its something special. Upon unwrapping, it looks like a standard fast food burger (read: much flatter than the picture), but it also looked like a regular old whopper, which is a great start. I got mine with cheese, which while delicious, did hide the grill marks I was looking to see. More on that later. For now, enjoy some burger glamour shots.

Impossible Whopper head shot 1
Impossible Whopper cross section

From the look, its all whopper honestly. If it was in a regular wrapper and someone just handed it to me, I could have been fooled that it was a whopper. Eating it, with all the standard whopper fixings + cheese, was a pleasant experience. The patty picked up the signature BK “char-broiled” flavour. The texture did not stand out in a good way. I did pull off a small corner of the patty and eat it on its own. On its own it wasn’t perfectly beefy, but it did have a better flavour then I remember the beyond meat patty did from A&W. I opened it up to give it a good look, and since the cheese had adhered to the top, I couldnt see what grill marks were hidden underneath. Here is the bottom shot.

Impossible Whopper patty
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Wrap Up

Impossible Whopper

Impossible Whopper




    • - Extremely Whopper-esque
    • - Tasty!


    • - A little messy.

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    • Alec D said:
      May 18, 2022 at 3:06 pm

      Looks just like the real thing! I didn’t mind the A&W Beyond Meat so much, it was more of it’s own flavour rather than a copy of the meat version. Anyway good review I’ll probably give this one a try.

    • Torin said:
      May 24, 2022 at 1:19 pm

      hey, are you guys based in canada? would love to email/chat abt your experiences of running a food blog. thanks for the review as well

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