Way to go Arby’s! The Brown Sugar Bacon Club from Arby’s is one of the best new sandwiches of 2015 for me thus far! The ingredients for the sandwich are a little different than your standard club. It has lettuce, tomato, brown sugar bacon, swiss cheese, turkey and ham finished with a tangy hot dijon mayo on […]

I was happy to see a new type of mix-ups on the shelf at the store.  In the USA they have had a few varieties for while now, but up in Canada we were being neglected, only having the original mix-ups since their introduction. They come in four flavours, as you can see from the photos […]

This was my final stop on this year cross country food tour McDonald’s took us on.  This is the Alberta entry for the Flavour Passport promotion. I know the McLobster is coming out next week but I am not a seafood fan!  Jon will probably do a review of the McLobster though, so keep an eye […]