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Our third review in this years Lay’s Do Us a Flavour promotion is Butter Chicken original Lay’s chip.  Sounds interesting, will we have a new leader?  Read on to find out kind readers.

Lay’s official description of Butter Chicken is:

Flavour Inspiration

Darryl Francispillai was inspired by his South Asian heritage and love of Indian food for his Butter Chicken Flavour. It’s one of his favourite dishes and a nod to multiculturalism!

Inspired by Ontario
Created by Darryl Francispillai

Here’s what the reporters thought:

Jon – I found these did a pretty good job of tasting like their name sake, butter chicken. They have a nice combination of classic butter chicken spice flavour, maybe like garam masala, cumin and turmeric, with a hint of cinnamon.  I don’t get much of the yogurt creaminess that I associate with butter chicken, and I get a certain tanginess, I think from the spices.  I liked the flavour, but didnt love it. 7/10

Mark – This out of the 4 was my favorite. I found this very unique and it really didn’t taste like any other chip I’ve had before. It was mild; it was not a spicey chip. I agree with Jon that it was very butter chicken tasting. I found myself slowly continuing to eat the chips without noticing, always a good sign when you are opening a bag! I highly recommend them if you are a fan of butter chicken. 8/10

Helena – This was the first bag I tasted. My initial impression as the chip hit my mouth was that it was tangier than I expected. It had that classic lays chip taste but with a dash of butter chicken. There’s the tiniest bit of spice to them but barely mentionable. All in all it was a good chip. Me and Jon almost finished the (large) bag In one night. 6.5/10

Look at that folks, looks like we have a new leader by just a hair – 0.1 up on Scallop Potatoe!

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Wrap Up

Lay's Butter Chicken Chips









        • - Butter Chicken-y!
        • - Addictive


        • - Almost there, but a little off

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