Review: Cowboy BBQ Beans Wavy Lay’s – Do Us A Flavour

So Lay’s Do Us A Flavour promotion is back in Canada!  Finalists have been picked and chips are on store shelves.  Rejoice new chip fans!  We will be featuring a review of a new flavour each day this week, so check back.

The first Lay’s Do Us A Flavour review we will be doing is Cowboy BBQ Beans. Lay’s has this to say about them:

“Flavour Inspiration

For Brenda Boghean, heading to the rodeo is a tradition. One of her favourite parts of the festival is the delicious food. Beans, slow-cooked in BBQ sauce, served alongside her favourite cut of beef is the quintessential rodeo dish and really captures the essence of cowboy culture.

Inspired by Western Canada
Created by Brenda Boghean”

BBQ Bean Chip Bag
BBQ Bean Chip in Bag
BBQ Bean Chip Closeup

We had a bunch of our reports try them and here is what they had to say:

Jon – These are tasty.  They lean on a classic chip flavour: BBQ.  Hard to go very wrong.  They have some molasses taste in there which adds some sweetness and starts to remind you of beans.  I think they do a decent job of reminding me of the BBQ bean flavour, but it’s more smokey BBQ + molasses and less beans.  I will definitely be getting another bag before they are gone.  They also make me wish they made a classic molasses and bacon baked beans.  8/10

Mark – I only somewhat agree with Jon on these ones! I liked them, they are sweet and smokey, I found my bag very smokey but I did enjoy it. I was hoping for a little more bean flavor with these, they didn’t remind me of beans just a smokey chip. Unlike Jon I don’t feel I need to have another bag of these during the promotion.  6.5/10

Helena – I only picked up a small bag of these at the checkout at the pharmacy and I’m not upset we don’t have a bigger bag. They are super smokey. It’s hard to taste any other flavour, the smoke really takes over for me. The chip is a nice thick wavy lays.  That part I enjoyed. I wouldn’t buy the bag again. 5/10

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Wrap Up

Cowboy BBQ Beans Wavy Lay's









        • - Smokey BBQ
        • - Molasses


        • - Too Smokey for Some
        • - Light on the Beans

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