Review: McDonald’s Mighty Angus

mighty angus bun

The poppy seeds give it a premium feel

So McDonald’s finally decided to reintroduce the Angus burger. I was not a huge fan of the previous Angus burger as I found the patty a little too processed tasting and it never had the right toppings for me.

mighty angus bacon
mighty angus onion
mighty angus sauce

While it may still be an Angus, this is definitely a new burger! The new Angus Burger comes with: smoked bacon pieces like on the CBO chicken sandwich, leaf lettuce, a slice of tomato, grilled onions, cheese and with the new “Smoky Angus Sauce”, on a poppy seed/sesame seed bun.

As you can see from the photos there was some of the new Angus sauce on both the top and the bottom of the bun and I’m glad it was. It was excellent, I’d say it reminded me of a chipotle mayo type of sauce. When I bit into the burger for the first time I was pleasantly surprised that they changed up the beef patty, instead of the old Angus taste it was very similar to your classic QPC taste, which I certainly approve.

All the changes that came with this burger I certainly approve of. This is a very tasty burger and I would recommended it to any of you burger enthusiasts!  A solid 8.5/10 good job McDonald’s!

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Wrap Up

McDonald's Mighty Angus

McDonald's Mighty Angus




    • - Great Sauce
    • - Best Angus Patty Yet!
    • - Fried Onions


    • - Another BBQ Burger

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