This is a mix of 5 different flavors all coming from Orchard fruits: Cherry, Orange, Peach, Red Apple, and Lime. Now typically I’m not really a guy who will buy a bag of skittles. Skittles are alright but not my snack of choice, not even my candy choice. When you try each of these individual you […]

Great limited time promotion going on at Harvey’s right now.  They are currently offering $3 Original burgers from September 17th to 27th.  This is a pretty solid deal, the Original (with cheese) is my favorite burger at Harvey’s and as always you can load it up with all your favorite toppings.   Share This Review:

I saw a TV commercial for the new Reese’s Spreads months ago. It started as a USA only product but recently it’s been available in my area. As you can see from the photo, this is your standard Reese’s flavor in spread form.  I was super excited about this. I am lover of Reese’s Peanut […]

Doritos Collisions have always been tricky because you have to like 2 flavors in one bag.   So we decided to get two reporters on the job.  Jon: This is a decent bag.  I found the habanero to be a little spicy but not crazy spicy.  Not as spicy as a habanero pepper for sure.  The guacamole […]

I find that new soda flavours don’t come around as often as new chocolate or chips, so when I saw this at the local grocery store, I had to try it! This is Schweppes new Dark Ginger Ale, which is a dark golden ginger ale compared to the typical regular dry ginger ale like Schweppes or […]

Saw these at the grocery store and I knew I had to try them! Like it says on the package, these are a Chips Ahoy cookie, with Oreo filled in the middle. Now these are Chewy Chips Ahoy if you can tell from the package. I am certainly a fan of both Oreo and Chips […]

I finally made my way to A&W, to try out their new Maple Chipotle Burger. You can order this burger as a Mama, Papa, or even Grandpapa burger. It was late and I wasn’t very hungry so I decided to get the Mama. This burger comes with Maple Bacon, 2 types of onions (grilled and raw), Chopotle sauce, […]

The whole JFR crew got a chance to try Harvey’s new Nacho Cheese Sticks today.  I decided to stop in for a $1.89 shake and side order ($2.99) of Nacho Cheese Sticks for a snack this afternoon.  I grabbed them at drive-thru then parked and ate them while they were hot. You get 5 Nacho […]

I found this hidden gem in the cookie section at Sobeys last night! Crunchie bars are one of my favorites with the right mixture of toffee and chocolate! These did not come cheap their were on for $3.49 and you only get 8 little cookies! They are a little less toffee to chocolate ratio then […]