Review: A&W Maple Chipotle Burger

I finally made my way to A&W, to try out their new Maple Chipotle Burger. You can order this burger as a Mama, Papa, or even Grandpapa burger. It was late and I wasn’t very hungry so I decided to get the Mama.

This burger comes with Maple Bacon, 2 types of onions (grilled and raw), Chopotle sauce, and of course cheese. Now I wasn’t really worried about the spiciness of the sauce more so the over powering taste of the maple.


As I took the first bite I realize right away this was a tasty burger, the mix of maple and spice with the mix of the 2 onions was excellent! I of course could have used lettuce and tomato but was seriously happy with the combined flavor and texture of this burger.

Certainly wasn’t too spicy and the maple was not over powering in the least, it was a nice mix of everything. I certainly recommend it and give it a solid 8/10.


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Wrap Up

A&W - Maple Chipotle Burger





    • - Nice Mix
    • - Good Value
    • - Tasty


    • - Lacking Veg
    • - More Sauce

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    • David MacDonald said:
      September 17, 2015 at 4:15 pm

      Amazing burger. Party in my mouth. The only issue I could see is if your not a huge onion fan you may need to remove some.

    • Jon said:
      September 17, 2015 at 5:29 pm

      Frig, I’m going to need to try this one before its gone! Lots of rave reviews.

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