Review: Harvey’s Nacho Cheese Sticks

The whole JFR crew got a chance to try Harvey’s new Nacho Cheese Sticks today.  I decided to stop in for a $1.89 shake and side order ($2.99) of Nacho Cheese Sticks for a snack this afternoon.  I grabbed them at drive-thru then parked and ate them while they were hot.

harvey's nacho cheese sticks

They definitely have a funky look with the crushed nacho chips in the breading

You get 5 Nacho Cheese Sticks and a chipotle mayo dipping sauce in one order.  Upon first opening the box, I found they looked a lot like the promo pictures.  Good start Harvey’s.   My order of cheese sticks was well cooked and full of cheese.  No overdone empty cheese sticks for me.  I found the tortilla in the breading added a welcomed addition crunch.  The nacho cheese inside was pretty good for being based on a cheese that comes from a pump at a baseball stadium or shifty convenience store.  Somewhere between the nacho cheese filling and the chipotle mayo there was an occasional bit of heat.

harvey's nacho cheese half

I gotta give it to them: It does look like nacho cheese sauce in there

Overall, I really enjoyed these, they were something new, which as you know it pretty hard to come by these days in the fast food area and they tasted like their name sake, nacho cheese.  But I must warn you, getting fast food cheese sticks can be a bit of a roll of the dice, as one astute reader already noticed, if they are a little overcooked, all the cheese can end up in the fryer and leave you with some empty unsatisfying cheese sticks.  They also don’t travel well, like poutine, fresh is best!

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Wrap Up

Harvey's Nacho Cheese Sticks





    • - Nacho Cheesy
    • - Good Value
    • - Unique


    • - Fake Cheese
    • - Classic Cheese Stick Gamble