Review: Dairy Queen Drumstick Blizzard

It has been a slow month thus far for new items. So when I noticed Dairy Queen came out with a limited edition Drumstick Blizzard, I felt it was a must try. Growing up you were always excited to get a drumstick.

So the blizzard is the exact same ingredients as you find in a drumstick. Chucks of chocolate, waffle pieces, peanuts and vanilla ice cream. Diving right into the blizzard I found it really tasty, I also felt they did a great job making it feel like you are eating a Drumstick! There was a good ratio of waffle and chocolate chunks! The only fault I found in this was the ice cream was not very cold and melted more quickly then most blizzards I’ve had. I would give this a solid 8/10, for any drumstick lovers this is the blizzard for you!



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Wrap Up

Dairy Queen Drumstick Blizzard

Dairy Queen Drumstick Blizzard




    • - Lots of Waffle
    • - Real Tasty


    • - Melted Quickly

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