Review: Harvey’s Candy Cane Shake

Candy Cane Shake

Harvey’s is getting into the Christmas spirit!  They recently released their Candy Cane Shake. Harvey’s always advertises that their milk shakes as being made with 100% Canadian dairy. I’ve enjoyed many of their flavors already. I saw this the other day when I was going to get the 2 original burgers for $6 deal before it was gone again.

This is their traditional vanilla shake with added Candy Cane flavor and pieces of candy cane. Their must have been something acting up with their milkshake machine that day because typically their shakes are always very thick and you need to give it your all to suck through the straw but on this day it was already milky when I got it and you can tell from the photo by the time I got home to take a picture it was full melted.

The Candy pieces were fine but some did have a hard time making it through the straw. I enjoyed the shake but honestly not a huge fan of mint or candy cane flavor so I probably won’t be getting this  again. I give this a 5/10 for what it was it was good, but just not my thing.


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Wrap Up

Harvey's Candy Cane Shake

Harvey's Candy Cane Shake




    • - Lots of Candy Cane Flavor
    • - and Pieces!


    • - Already melted
    • - Chunks too big for given straw

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