Review: Tim Hortons Red Velvet Filled Cookies (1 of 3)

Tim’s introduced three new filled cookies, so we got our hands on all of them.  This is the first of our three reviews we’re doing about the new Tim Hortons Filled Cookies.

The first one I tried was the Red Velvet Filled Cookie. This was a red velvet cookie with cream cheese filling and white chocolate chunks on top.


At least they got 2/3 right on this cookie but the most important the part in the title, ‘Filling’, was hardly there. I didn’t think so at first, but then finally when I got to the middle I got a little taste of cream cheese filling. It was so very disappointing. I thought maybe I just got a bad cookie but I spoke with Jon and he experience the same thing, just not a lot of filling.

So as a cookie itself it was pretty solid, but not having filling is just unacceptable! I give this a 6/10. If you are feeling lucky, roll the dice you may get filling, you may not!

Here is a teaser of the other 2 cookies coming soon:

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Wrap Up

Tim Hortons Red Velvet Filled Cookie

Tim Hortons Red Velvet Filled Cookie




    • - Good Size
    • - Tasty Outside
    • - Nice texture


    • - Not cream filled!!
    • - Not enough toppings

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