Review: Tim Hortons Sugar Cookie Filled Cookies

So Tim’s just started a new seasonal promotion with a new line of sugar products.  Out of this we got a bonus Filled Cookie to review!

This is a sugar cookie with white icing filling and snowflake sprinkles on top.

Tims Filled Sugar Cookie

I liked the texture of this cookie, it was nice and chewy without being under cooked.  I was lucky and got a nice lightly cooked one.  As you can see in the photo, I had a medium amount of filling in the middle of the cookie.  I gave this a very close inspection to try to get to the bottom of this filling issue we noticed in our other reviews(here, here and here).  My cookie had a paper thin amount of filling almost to the edge of the cookie and a nicer thicker clump in the middle.  I have a theory that these cookies are formed around a frozen piece of filling.  When the cookie is baked, a small amount of filling thaws as it bakes and gets all the way to the edge, while the center thaws the least and gives the more generous middle area of the cookie. But I don’t really know.  If anyone knows more, let us know in the comments below!!

Tims Filled Sugar Cookie Split

Overall, I enjoyed the cookie because of the great texture.  There was an okay amount of filling, that was actually very tasty.  The filling was nice and sweet, and the cookie itself was less sweet, but in a delicious way.  I wasn’t a fan of the hard sprinkles.  I give this a solid 7.5/10

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Wrap Up

Tim Hortons Sugar Cookie Filled Cookie

Tim Hortons Sugar Cookie Filled Cookie




    • - Chewy
    • - Just Sweet Enough
    • - Tasty Filling


    • - Crappy Sprinkles
    • - Could use more Filling

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