Review: Wheat Thins Garlic & Herb Toasted Pita

So for once while at the grocery store, I was thinking about only healthy snacks and this product caught my eye.

Now typically I do not buy wheat thins but I do enjoy all the great crackers Mr. Christie has for us.

This was a baked cracker, that tasted like a pita. There was also allot of garlic and herb seasoning on it. I honestly could only taste the garlic. It was strong! As you can see all the pitas came with a a good amount of flavor seasoning.


Now, I found that on their own they are too much for me. I think if you could mild down the cracker flavor with some good dips this could be a better solution. I tested it with onion dip and some roasted garlic hummus we had here at the house.

I liked it with the hummus more then onion dip that is for sure. But really I didn’t think either were a good match. Maybe if you had some spinach or artichoke dip you would enjoy these more.

Anyways overall not a huge fan there is still a few sitting in a bag and which for this house is shocking! I give it a 5.5/10


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Wrap Up

Wheat Thins Garlic & Herb Toasted Pita

Wheat Thins Garlic & Herb Toasted Pita




    • - Light
    • - Nice Crunch
    • - Good Dipper


    • - Too Strong
    • - Not good on their own

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