Double Review: A&W Mushroom Mozza Burgers

AW Mushroom Mozza Sign
In an effort to maintain our journalistic integrity, we got both the chicken and the beef to try the mushroom mozza in both its incarnations.  A&W tells us that these are a grilled chicken breast or 100% beef patty with mozzarella cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms with Dijon Aioli all on a sesame bun.

AW Mushroom Mozza Two

Upon taking them out of the bag, the mozza was melted and stretchy. Seems to be a decent quality mozza, which is a real win for a fast food place.  Usually the cheese color matches its name sake, but then you’re just left with a generic piece of “processed cheese”.


AW Mushroom Mozza Beef

The beef burger was really good. The mushroom flavor come through nicely. The beef balanced out the flavorful Dijon sauce. The Dijon sauce was nice and tangy. The camelized onions took a back seat along with the mozzarella cheese. They may have added some texture but their flavour didn’t really make it through. I found the beef burger really good as a whole and would happily get it again. 8.5/10.


AW Mushroom Mozza Split

Now for the chicken. The chicken had a few issues that made it just fall short compared to the beef. First the chicken breast was pretty small. But the main issue is that the neutral chicken could not stand up to the flavorful Dijon aioli. It was just very heavy on the Dijon flavour that overwhelmed the chicken, onions and cheese. The mushroom flavor was still present, but it just wasn’t a balanced coherent delicious sandwich like the beef was. 5/10

Bonus mini review: Jalapeño Ranch Dip

AW Jalapano Ranch1
AW Jalapano Ranch2

I saw some new dips behind the counter when ordering so I asked about them. There was siracha which looked red and not mixed down with mayo and jalapeño ranch. I got the jalapeño ranch and dipped my onion rings in it.  Typically I like ketchup with my onion rings, but I just kept going back for more of this ranch dip.

This was a tasty ranch that has a nice jalapeño flavour and just a hint of heat. I really enjoyed it. Great new dipping sauce option. 9/10.

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Wrap Up

A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger

A&W Mushroom Mozza Burger

Mushroom Mozza Burger


    Mushroom Mozza Chicken Burger


      Jalapeño Ranch Dip



        • - Quality Mozza
        • - Mushrooms
        • - Dijon Sauce


        • - Chicken Version Overwhelmed
        • - Onions lost in shuffle

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