Review: McDonald’s Chicken Celebration

Chicken Celebration is one of two of the new festive sandwiches released this year at McDonald’s. The Jolly Burger is the other new burger. The Chicken Celebration is a crispy breaded chicken patty, white cheddar cheese, leaf lettuce and hickory-smoked bacon top with a creamy rotisserie seasoned sauce.


This was a tasty chicken sandwich for sure. You can see from the picture that the chicken patty was a little small, but it had a solid well distributed layer of bacon. Always nice when you get a carefully put together fast food sandwich. The sauce was similar to a chipotle mayo. The bun was nice and soft.  A lot of these new premium buns are kinda mediocre but this one was a hit. This sandwich was delicious but it could have certainly used a tomato. I give it a 7.5/10


Update:  Check out our Jolly Burger review!

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Wrap Up

McDonald's - Chicken Celebration

McDonald's - Chicken Celebration




    • - Tangy sauce
    • - Crisp Bacon
    • - Soft Bun


    • - Missing Tomato
    • - Small Chicken Patty

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