Review: McDonald’s Italian McTasters

The Italian McTasters is the second in McDonald’s new McTasters collection.  The Italian is based on a jr. chicken patty as opposed to the beef Greek option which we already reviewed here.  This sandwich also beat with the same “premium value” stick as its built around the cheap but peppery and delicious jr. chicken patty and has a similar amount of premium toppings as the greek.


The Italian McTasters is a jr. chicken patty with Parmesan cheese flakes, leaf lettuce, a tomato slice, and a Parmesan and Italian herb sauce, all served on what McDonald’s is calling a “herb-topped artisan bun”.


I gotta give it to McDonald’s as they have another tasty little chicken burger here.  There was a good quantity of thick cut Parmesan cheese and sauce on both the top and bottom bun, so you got a nice authentic hit of Parmesan when you bite into it, and with the sauce and tomato slice it stayed nice and moist.  I thought the sauce was Caesar dressing when I tasted the sandwich and later read that its “Parmesan and Italian herb sauce”.  If it wasn’t caesar, it was a pretty close relative then.  The bun once again was good and had a little extra chew and taste.  It all went well with the peppery chicken.

Overall another great new burger option at McDo.  I think this and the Greek one are both great little sandwiches.  I am unsure if you can get them in a combo, but I hope so.  They aren’t the biggest burgers, but they were both really tasty.  I will give the Italian McTasters an 8/10.


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Wrap Up

McDonald's Italian Mctasters

McDonald's Italian Mctasters




    • - Lots of Parm
    • - Tasty Sauce
    • - Tomato!


    • - Small
    • - Maybe too peppery for some

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