Review: A&W Peppered Bacon Burger

Call me a sucker, but I am always happy to try another bacon cheeseburger and A&W rarely does a poor job.  The new Peppered Bacon Burger comes in Mama, Papa and Grandpa sized with 1, 2 or 3 patties respectively.  Its comes with A&W’s new peppered bacon, roasted garlic and chili aioli, grilled onions and a slice of processed cheddar cheese all on a standard sesame seed bun.

When I first say the signs for this burger, I almost thought I had had it before.  Mark thought the same thing, but we were wrong, the last one we had was the Maple Chipotle Burger which we reviewed here.

I ordered it in the single patty Mama version, because I like a high cheese & bacon to beef ratio.  This was a good cheeseburger with a friendly but present amount of kick.  I tasted the pepper bacon in its own and the peppery goodness comes through.  It has a hint of spiciness beyond regular pepper.  The sauce lends another creamy but spicy kick to it.  This is by no means spicy to the chili heads out there, but for the average person it had a pleasant kick! The fried onions added great flavour and some nice soft texture.
Overall this delicious bacon cheeseburger with a little kick of spice. It all came together nicely and just added to the bacon cheeseburger-ness of it all.  I only partially know what I’m talking about, but frig it was good.  Anyways 9/10!
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Wrap Up

A&W Peppered Bacon Burger

A&W Peppered Bacon Burger




    • - Peppered Bacon
    • - Fried Onions
    • - Tasty Aioli


    • - Not much

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