Review: Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Beef Dinner

This is a change up from our normal fast food only reviews.  We are classing it up today.  This is the first time Swiss Chalet has opened to their menu up to premium beef instead of the normal chicken & ribs they’re famous for.

The Rotisserie Beef dinner comes with a pile of shaved beef which has been dipped in their own “au jus” sauce along with a choice of sides. I went with mixed veggies, mashed potato and a slice of garlic bread.


Right after taking one bite I was already really impressed, the beef was tender, juicy and hot. The “au jus” sauce was excellent as well. There was a few fatty pieces on the beef which is to be expected. After you eat a few pieces you notice that there is a ton on your plate. The portion size was huge and excellent! So if you bring a healthy appetite and enjoy beef this is a good bang for your buck roast dinner.

I give it a solid 8.5/10.

Wanna know more about Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Beef Dinner, check out the Chalet’s website!


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Wrap Up

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Beef Dinner





    • - Tender & Juicy
    • - Lots of beef
    • - Good Sauce
    • - Tasty Sides


    • - Heavy Protein Plate

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