Review: Tim Hortons Chocolate Caramel Muffin

I am a big caramel fan, so I was excited to see Timmies new caramel promotion.  They have a new Chocolate Caramel Donut and Muffin and for drinks Caramel Hot Chocolate and Iced Cap.  I don’t drink hot chocolate, and its the still the tail end of the goddamn winter, so I won’t be getting and iced cap either, but I will happily try a new donut and muffin.  They are really stretching what a muffin is with this one.  Its so sweet and dessert like, I would almost call it a cup cake.  But, it doesn’t have frosting on top so maybe that makes it a muffin.  I don’t know, I’m not a cup cake / muffin expert.


I found the caramel cake in the muffin delicious and the chocolate portion pretty good.  With everything else going on, the chocolate cake part almost gets lost in the shuffle.  The Tim’s caramel filling isn’t my favorite.  Its very sweet and had caramel “flavour”, but just doesn’t seem to be real.  It’s not that I dislike it, I am just always looking for real, super delicious, caramel.  And that filling ain’t it. The chocolate chips on top add a little flavour burst from time to time.  Its a delicious combo to have this muffin and a nice hot Timmies coffee at the same time.  I am a sucker for coffee and dessert though.


Overall, I will give this a delicious 8/10.  Its certainly enjoyable, very desserty, but the fake caramel holds it back from a near perfect rating.  I would still go give it a try if you like sweet baked goods or want a cheater breakfast.

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Wrap Up

Caramel Chocolate Muffin

Caramel Chocolate Muffin




    • - Chocolate Chips +
    • - Chocolate Cake +
    • - Caramel Cake +
    • - Caramel Filling =
    • - Yum


    • - Pretty sweet for a
    • - Caramel filling could be better

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