Review: Taco Bell Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider – Supreme

This is the final review of three new sliders that Taco bell has bestowed upon us.  I always like getting more than one new item when I go to visit a fast food restaurant, sometimes when there is three items it could be very large meal. When I was testing these three I got the Big Box, which includes two, and another slider on the side and I was crazy full by the time I got around to this slider.

The Supreme Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider comes with Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos, seasoned ground beef, warm Nacho Cheese Sauce, cool reduced-fat sour cream, diced ripe tomatoes and chives wrapped and grilled in a flour tortilla.


Don’t let my picture fool you, this was my favorite of the 3 Crunchwrap Sliders. I like the mix of nacho cheese sauce with there sour cream. There was good amount of toppings through out the whole slider. The addition of the veggies was nice and gave it a little more diverse flavours. My only complain would be there did seem to be allot of tortilla with this one, could have been the folding technique or maybe a wrong sized tortilla.

A solid 8/10.

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Wrap Up

Taco Bell Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider - Supreme

Taco Bell Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider - Supreme




    • - Lots of Sauce
    • - Healthy Mix of Toppings
    • - CHEETOS!


    • - Too much tortilla

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