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Jon and I were able to get together for a lunch last friday to try the latest Food Truck here in Moncton! The Smoked Grenade Food Truck is your comfort food taken to a new level with some heat if you want!

We tried 4 items: Loaded RPG Fries, Steak Hoagie, Schnitzel Hoagie, and Deep-Fried Mars Bar. So lets dive into each!

Loaded RPG Fries:


The ingredients were: 1 LB Sea-salt and black pepper fries, topped with real cheese curds with their truck made meat sauce, marble cheese, sour cream and green onions.

Mark: I thought this was the best loaded fries I have had! Very tasty but it is a meal in itself. I would recommend if you like a fully loaded fry!

Jon: These were really tasty.  The meat sauce with the two gooey cheeses was great.  It was a step up from a standard Italian poutine with extra sauces and green onions on the top.  Really good.  A decent meal for one, or a great side to share.

Flamed Steak Slab Hoagie:


The ingredients were: Truck marinated rib eye steak, fired over an open flame with bbq sauce and topped with grilled onions, mixed marble cheese, RPG sauce on a 8″ toasted garlic hoagie bun.

Mark: I found this was tasty, but didn’t make the trip home very well. The bottom of the bun was destroyed from the grease. Also another complaint is they asked how we would like our meat cooked, we said medium and it was well done. If I was going to try this again I would like to eat it as soon as they make it!

Jon: As Mark said, this didn’t travel well.  Our steak was a little over cooked for a medium.  Ask for rare if want some color in there. The flavour was really good which was a solid start, but the bun was pretty soggy and had lost most of it’s integrity.  Eating fresh would solve at least part of this problem, so expect better at the truck, just order a little rarer than you usually do.  Potential.

Schnitzel Haogie:


This was a deep fried schnitzel (breaded pork loin) with onions, banana peppers, marble cheese and RPG sauce on a toasted garlic hoagie bun.

Chris: The schnitzel was cooked very well and had a nice crunchy breading, and you get a large portion that is way bigger than the bun. The RPG sauce adds a nice spice and sweetness, and really compliments the schnitzel. I would definitely have this again, and recommend it highly.

Deep Fried Mars Bar:


This is made up of mars bar wrapped in a floured tortilla wrap, deep fried and topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and warm caramel.

Mark: This was a great, really tasty and sweet! It was very messy though but highly recommend if you are looking new sweet treat to try!

Jon: Aside from the obvious, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this.  It ended up being kinda chewy but also sweet and delicious.  Rich and chocolaty.  It’s definitely worth a try.

Overall Experience:

Mark: I enjoyed all the food I tried, I was weigh down for the afternoon and felt like I should have a nap! But if you are looking for a greasy good time you should check them out!

Jon: When I go to a food truck, I want something unique.  The Smoked Grenade Food Truck delivered us an original and delicious experience.  Sure it wasn’t health food, but for something to enjoy occasionally it was tasty.  Those loaded fries are worth a try. Next time I go there, I want to try their namesake, a grenade, either a quesadilla or pulled pork wrap, rolled up and deep fried.  If you are in the Moncton area, check them out.

You can see where they are but checking them out at

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Wrap Up

The Smoked Grenade Food Truck


Loaded RPG Fries


    Grilled Steak Hogie


      Schnitzel Hogie


        Deep Fried Mars Bar



          • - Real Tasty
          • - Good Portion Size
          • - New Flavours


          • - Heavy
          • - Soggy Steak Bun

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