Review: Tim Hortons Farmer’s Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Horton’s recently introduced two Farmer’s breakfast items, which really just means they put a hash brown patty in something and call it Farmer’s.  Mark already tried the breakfast wrap, you can check out his review here.

I got the Farmer’s Breakfast Sandwich.  This was a sausage, egg omelete patty, processed cheese slice, hash brown patty, and spicy mayo all on a breakfast biscuit.  Once assembled they panini grilled the sandwich, giving it some nice grill stripes on the top and bottom.


This was a pretty nice sized breakfast sandwich.  The additional hash brown gave it some extra heft and some crunchy texture in places.  The spicy mayo was the best yet on the biscuit, as it was able to soak in and not seem over the top like I usually find Timmies breakfast wraps, which have the same sauce.  The hash brown did have a bit of a stale grease taste in certain bites.  Not sure if it was the hash browns fault or mine for only eating it 10 minutes after I picked it up.  Overall I found this really delicious and pretty filling.  8.5/10.

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Wrap Up

Tim Hortons Farmers Breakfast Sandwich

Tim Hortons Farmers Breakfast Sandwich




    • - Filling
    • - Good crunch
    • - Spicy Mayo


    • - Hashbrown so-so

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