Review: NEW Lay’s Mashup BBQ+Sweet Chili

We’re Back with a new Review!

Lay’s has released 3 new Mashup which we will get to over the next few weeks. BBQ + Sweet Chili , Ketchup + Cheese, Dill Pickle + White Cheddar. They are so new I couldn’t even find any information on their website or facebook page about these new Mashups.

Here is a look of the inside. I found they look like BBQ but you can certainly taste the Sweet Chili first and foremost with a hint of BBQ at the end but overall the BBQ tones the intense flavor of the Sweet Chili.

JFR Staff Thoughts:

Dan – Thought the flavors were good but prefers just having Sweet Chili or BBQ and not the mix.

Emily – They are great, Sweet Chili strong on your first taste but then you get that BBQ afterbite.

Mark – Love them! Easily a crushable bag gotta watch myself!

Alec – Real delicious but no real heat if your looking for spicey!

Jon – The mashup tempered the flavor of the strongest of each paid. So its a bag of mild sweet chili heat with a hint of BBQ.  But for the most part, I found the BBQ was lost, and it was just a delicious, mild Sweet Chili Heat bag. 

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