JFR Welcomes new Partner VivaFresh!

If you’re a fan of Junkfood Report, then be sure to check out our sister website VivaFreshFood! While we typically indulge in all things greasy and unhealthy, it’s important to balance out our diets with some fresh and wholesome options too (I guess!)

VivaFreshFood is the perfect place to learn about the benefits of growing your own food right at home..and how to go about it the right way. Not only does it save money, but it also ensures that you know exactly what’s going into your meals. Plus, there’s something quite satisfying about eating produce straight from your own garden. Straightforward step by step instructions will guide you while answering your most common questions along the way!

But fear not, VivaFreshFood doesn’t just offer up salads and green smoothies. They’re loaded with tons amazing recipes ranging from healthy classics (like avocado breakfast bowls) to more indulgent dishes (like bread pudding with vanilla sauce). And hey…let’s not overlook their dessert section full of tantalizing treats like chocolate chip cookies and cream cheese stuffed strawberries!

So…if you’re looking to incorporate more fresh foods into your diet without sacrificing your love for all things deliciously unhealthy, head over to VivaFreshFood and start bookmarking those recipes today!

Our favourite tips on growing your own food:

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Some of our favourite recipes:

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