I am a big caramel fan, so I was excited to see Timmies new caramel promotion.  They have a new Chocolate Caramel Donut and Muffin and for drinks Caramel Hot Chocolate and Iced Cap.  I don’t drink hot chocolate, and its the still the tail end of the goddamn winter, so I won’t be getting and iced […]

So for the final item in the Harvey’s Chilifest they have a new milkshake, the Salted Caramel Shake.  It’s a blend of caramel and chucks of salt in a vanilla ice cream. This is what the ad shows the shake looking like: But this what the shake looked like for me: Even though it does not look […]

Jon and I were just saying how it had been dry lately for new items and then this little new treat comes out! I almost felt it was just put there moments before me seeing it because it was the first bag on the rack. They are regular popcorn, chocolate and caramel. Shown here in the […]